Disabled Dating Sites

This category of dating sites is essential due to the fact that many disabled people want to find their common souls who can understand them and accept their health problems. And in this article, you can choose a suitable platform from disabled dating sites.

Disabled Mate

Short Review

DisabledMate is one of those dating services which can help people to feel the atmosphere of dating without any restrictions. The interface of the site hasn’t got any difficult mechanisms or inconvenient moments. It was created with a certain aim and care about disabled people. The site clearly understands what they need and tries to solve any problems that sometimes occur.

With the same purpose, all services of DisabledMate were created. You can see how informative the profiles are and make your own page the same. It can allow you comfortably searching for others and meeting people with common interests. A great advantage of the site is that therein disabled people can find their kindred spirits thanks to many filters, communicating methods and other special features.

The prices and plans are the most frequently asked questions about DisabledMate. And the answer to this question of concern may disappoint many people because it doesn’t belong to the category of disabled dating for free. And to tell you the truth, the cost of the subscription is quite high, even 5 days of using need big expenses. Not everyone can afford it. It is even unfair to take a fee from people whose abilities are limited.

The drawback of the site is that there you can sometimes face scammers. Moreover, there are people who are not pleased with it. They claim the site sometimes falsely accuses people to be fraudsters for their too young photos or photos without clear signs of disability.


  • functionality is quite well and diverse
  • good place for disabled people
  • design of the site is nice


  • the site is expensive
  • you should watch out for scammers

How Does It Work?

If you go to the DisabledMate in the hope to find there something new then you would be disappointed. The functionality of the site is quite standard, moreover, it inherent not only to dating sites for people with disabilities but to all dating platforms as a whole. And this is not a negative trait, but the common fact which speaks about the similarity of all internet sources. And this standard set of features and services is not bad. It consists of different means of communication and searching which are quite plain, but comfortable.

The first thing in the work of every site including¬† DisabledMate is a registration. It takes no more than 5-10 minutes. Just don’t forget to write your full name, age, and answer a couple of questions about yourself. It is also important to specify a write email address and create a strong password. No less vital to remember or write somewhere your password.

You also face a searching process on the site. Especially if you don’t like the profiles that are offered to you. And the main criteria for searching are gender, age, presence of photo, and online status. Means of communication are different and you can choose what you like most if you want to start a chat with someone, but you can do it after payment.

Disabled Singles Dating

Short Review

DisabledSinglesDating is a well-experienced dating platform that can bring you to another level of dating. It is not a confusing flirt with people in reality, but a big platform where all people are with the same purpose – to find a couple. You can say that it is not a thing that surprises, because there are thousands and even more dating sites with the same goal. However, it is not the truth because the purpose of DisabledSinglesDating is quite rare and delightful – it is the site aimed at handicapped dating.

The interface of this platform is user-friendly, therefore, every person can easily figure out in its work. Other moments are clear too. So, it is a place that is really suitable for online dating. However, like all other sites, DisabledSinglesDating has certain restrictions. For example, all users there must be older than 18 years old.

And the thing that is not so pleasant for many is payment on the site. Unfortunately, it is not a free source. And the cost of services is not small. Of course, everyone has different abilities, but you should be ready to spend monthly a good sum of money.


  • everyone has an open profile and there are no suspicious anonymous users
  • the interface and design are quality
  • convenient and easy to use


  • it is pay-to-use
  • there is no mobile app

How Does It Work?

The work of DisabledSinglesDating is another moment knowing which can significantly affect your opinion about the site. And it should be said that everything is quite normal in its work. The pivotal moment in it is a registration that everyone who wants to use the website should pass through. It is quite easy and typical. Basic questions will be asked to you and answering them you can make the process of meeting a perfect match much faster and easier.

The next point is searching for a partner. You can do the search in any way you want because it all depends on your preferences and imagines of a couple. And it is predictable that when you find a person to whom you feel sympathy, you can send him a like to show your appreciation. If the person feels the same, there are many means of communication that can use to maintain relationships between you and a prospective partner.

Disabled Chat City

Short Review

DisabledChatCity has the same aim as the other sites in this article. From the disabled dating site reviews of this platform, you can get to know, that it was created for people with serious intentions. Moreover, the site is easy to use, but plain.

8 years old experience and technical developments help the site stay popular among users and that explains why so many disabled people can rely on it. DisabledChatCity is a quite safe and legit platform, however, there is a slight risk to meet scammers here. Just try not to tell anyone your secret information and it will keep you safe and sound.

Though all these advantages, there also is a moment that can badly affect your opinion about the site and it is the fact that DisabledChatCity is pay-to-use. There are some free features, but obviously, they don’t play a role without Premium Subscription, which is not very cheap. But if you can afford it, you will be awarded the attention of many ladies and gentlemen on the site. Moreover, you will be able to find your love on the site where there are no stereotypes and barriers,¬† and disabled people can feel the real comfort.


  • it is a cozy place for handicapped for effective online dating
  • different means of searching and communication


  • it is not a free platform
  • Mobile App is absent

How Does It Work?

The work of DisabledChatCity is just a simple combination of following each other actions. The first one is registration on the site consisted of answering simple questions. If you make everything properly, you are allowed to use the site. And then you start a process of searching for the partner that could meet all your requirements.

The searching is quite effective, especially when you resort to the help of special filters for specifying, for instance, a certain location, age or some other characteristics of the desirable partner. Continuing the process of the site using, you will face the next thing – communicating on the site. There are many ways of doing it (audio, video, text chats), but for keeping in touch you need to pay.

Unfortunately, special needs dating sites like DisabledChatCity rarely have mobile apps, but the site is adapted for using it through the phone. So you can don’t postpone or pause the dating process even when you out of the home.

Disabled Matchmaking

Short Review

If you are in search of the site tagged as mentally disabled dating sites or dating sites for partially disabled, then you can visit DisabledMatchmaking. It is a platform for people with serious intentions and it can guarantee you a high level of safety. Furthermore, the site is legitimate. Therefore, disabled people can feel secure on the site while they make their dreams of happy relationships come true.

Visiting the home page of the site can give a lot of information about it due to descriptions located there. Furthermore, even a brief visit can help you to make some conclusions about the site design and it is not bad. Oppositely, both interface and design are quite cozy, handy and appealing. Also, this multifunctional service can offer you diverse means of communication and some other features about which you can get to know from the paragraph about the work of DisabledMatchmaking.

But there is the reverse side of the medal or to be concrete, the cost of all these services. The services that the site will give you are not free. And the biggest disadvantage is that you can get to know the costs after registration. But you should be prepared for rather big expenses.


  • you are secured on the site
  • there are many useful services and features
  • it is a really effective platform for handicapped to find their love


  • it is pay-to-use
  • Mobile app unavailable yet

How Does It Work?

DisabledMatchmaking is a site where you won’t see anything extremely new, but you can enjoy therein all necessary for dating features. And the most essential of them are registration, searching and messaging.

As a whole, these features are standard on the site and they work quite simple and clear. Firstly, you fill in basic information about yourself and answer questions about a partner you want and after that, if everything is right, you will be registered. Further, you will have the ability to edit a profile, upload photos and change some information.

What about searching, it is also quite an easy process. You just need to make a choice whether you want to search for people yourself or to choose from those who were offered to you by the site based on common interests. No matter how you search you have a huge chance to find a couple and enjoy your happy love story.

However, it is normal for the people on the site that they located on an enormous distance from each other because online dating supposes long-distance relationships. That is why on the site there are some means of keeping in touch for people to communicate with each other. You can choose text, audio or video messaging and also communicate in the group chats. But don’t forget that DisabledMatchmaking is not about handicap dating sites free and many of its features are paid.

Dating Handicapped

Short Review

DatingHandicapped is last but not least service in the list of disabled dating sites. On this dating platform, you can find a partner who will be your support and even a life partner. This dating platform will help you to understand that there are many people who can understand you and your problems and love you no matter your difficulties.

Though DatingHandicapped is quite far from the platforms with all up-to-date technologies and it hasn’t got a mobile application, it is a quite cozy and comfortable place for disabled people to find therein a love. The profiles on the site are informative and the number of scammers is really small. The site is under control of the administration and all your data which you keep on the site is secured.

However, this service is also not for free. And if you want to be a full site user, then be ready for rather high expenses. Most of the services on DatingHandicapped need a monthly subscription and without it, there is no use in the site. The positive thing about the payment that it is not higher than the sites of this type have on average.


  • on the site, you have huge chances to meet your love
  • the level of safety is quite high


  • there is no mobile app
  • access to all features requires money

How Does It Work?

And the work of DatingHandicapped is really hackneyed. Like all other disabled adults dating sites it consists of registration, profile searching, and communication. You also can diverse this process with some special features that the site offers to you. Although these things don’t make DatingHandicapped a good dating site you have ever seen they give you a bigger chance to find your love.

There are several important moments that you should know for using the site. First of all, to be registered on the site you should enter the right email and create a complicated password. Secondly, you may choose special filters for more detailed searching on the site. Furthermore, for communicating on the site you can choose audio, video or text messaging. And also, if you logged in with your phone, then it would be much comfortable to use the mobile version of the website.

All these things about the work of DatingHandicapped are the basic information you should know about its work. But also there are some additive functions. For instance, you can block too importunate users, use group chats and also create profile videos that will be very attractive and much more informative for those who liked you.

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