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Short Review

EliteSingles is one of the sites where lonely Christians can find their love. It supposes long-distance relationships with a partner who you can find among thousands of intelligent, beautiful men and women. Though there is one nuance: this site is not just for Christians, there are special searching filters that can help you to specify a religion. Moreover, the users of the site are of different ages and from different countries.

Not for nothing, EliteSingles is a quite popular Christian dating website. It is a contemporary platform with attractive appearance and nice functionality. It’s not a fly-by-night place, but reputable, legit dating platform.

However, there is a disadvantage that may disappoint its users – the site is not free. And if you are interested in prices and plans, then here they are:

  • 3 months cost 113.85 USD
  • 6 months cost 131.70 USD
  • 12 months cost 239.40 USD

You can pay for usage by different methods, and also many functions are accessible on the site for free. For example, sending likes.

As you see, due to this site belong to top-rated Christian dating sites, the prices are very high, and not everyone can afford using it. However, the name of the site explains its price. Moreover, those people who really want to find his love with the same religion and points of view won’t see any obstacles.


  • Handy and attractive interface
  • Huge popularity
  • Big chances to find Christian love here
  • The mobile app is available for Android and iOS


  • The prices are very high and not affordable for everyone
  • Profile pictures are available to Premium users

How Does It Work?

EliteSingles is a service with almost the same principles of work as many other dating sites for Christian singles have. Everything begins with free registration, which will take maximally 20 minutes. The questions are easy, and all of them will be useful in your further dating process. No less meaningful to create a complicated password and remember it.

After this, you can start searching. Don’t forget to specify therein that your interest in Christians if it is essential for you. Other criteria and traits which you choose are up to you. But remember that the more details you choose the smaller will be a number of matches and not all of them can write you back.

The communication methods on the site are also different. You can choose audio, video or voice messages. And as this site was created with a view of maintaining people’s relationships on a distance, there are many other things that can amuse you.

Firstly, it is Personality Analysis, a function that helps lonely men and women to see if they match each other or not by asking simple questions. Secondly, paid members can get an extra 20 matches every day. Also, you can create your own favorite list where all persons that made a good impression on you will be gathered. And there are many other functions like Elite Single Magazine, Have You Met? and many others.

Short Review is one of the dating sites for Christian singles. Though it wasn’t created deliberately for Christians, there are many users of this religion. Just specify your faith and religion of a preferable partner that can help you in searching. Moreover, the site has a large number of users and many of them from countries like the USA and Canada, where Christianity is very common.

Therefore, if you feel suffocating because of loneliness, then using online dating platforms like, which belongs to online Christian dating sites, is the right solution. Its diversity of opportunities for reasonable prices can get rid you of loneliness and help with finding a perfect Christian match.

Though is not free Christian online dating, it has many benefits. First of all, there are many free options that can help you to understand the process of work of this dating platform. For example, standard features like signing up, profile creating and searching, and also different abilities of matching. The second benefit is the ability to get your money back if your site usage was ineffective, and you haven’t found anyone. Moreover, there are different tariffs for different prices:

Premium Plan

  • 3 months for 44.97 dollars
  • 6 months for 68.94 dollars
  • 12 months for 107.88 dollars

Standard Plan

  • 3 months for 38.97 dollars
  • 6 months for 59.94 dollars
  • 12 months for 95.88 dollars

The difference between tariffs is slight, but the options are different. You also can buy separate credits. A purchase can be made by credit card or PayPal.


  • has a mobile app
  • creating a profile and viewing others is for free
  • registration is fast but detailed
  • the number of users is enormous


  • mostly has paid features
  • not only Christians are there

How Does It Work?

The work of the site is another essential information you should know before registering. And if to begin with registration on, you shouldn’t be surprised about too many questions in the questionnaire. It doesn’t take you a lot of time but will be very helpful in the further dating process. You know that though the site pertains to popular Christian dating sites, it is also an international site where many people with other religions registered too. Therefore, a proper filling in the registration blank can help you to avoid meeting those you are not interested in.

You also can specify information about your preferable partner in the extended searching filters, and it will help you in searching significantly. If to speak about your own profile, you can edit it any time you want and add up to 26 photos.

One more critical point of this platform for Christian dating is its special features. Most of them are not free of charge, so if you decided to buy a subscription, this information would be useful for you. The first feature is Boost, and its objective is to put you at the top where the majority of the site’s users will see you. Also on, you will find Reverse Matches or, in other words, a list of incompatible with you people. MatchPhone, another feature of the site, allows you to make phone calls to other users you like. And also there are corny functions like Likes, Match Me, Match Guarantee, and so on.


Short Review

ChristianMingle is the next site at the top of the online Christian dating sites. It has a long history of work and correspondingly a significant experience of working in the dating sphere ( since 2001). A blue-chip company owns ChristianMingle, and it obligates the site to be legit and safe if the company doesn’t want to face problems and has a terrible reputation. Therefore, there is no need to worry about this aspect of the site’s work.

If to speak about the contingent of the site, it is useless to say that everyone therein is Christians. But also it is excellent that the number of males and females on the website is almost equal. The users there are from absolutely different parts of the world, and there are so many of them that you definitely will find a perfect Christian match for you.

The prices of using this service are also essential to know. Though you can do basic actions like registration and searching and even send smiles to others, it is not enough to start your love story. The cost is almost the same as on other best dating sites for Christians, and it is really worthy of paying it as ChristianMingle is an effective helper in finding love. The prices are the following:

  • One month for 49.99 dollars
  • Three months for 104.97 dollars
  • Six months for 149.94 dollars

The more extended types of subscriptions are much cheaper, as you see. And the methods of payment are different because you even can buy a subscription via mobile phone.


  • good safety system and the presence of the team that controls profiles actions
  • significant experience in the dating sphere
  • many free options
  • the site belong to Christian singles dating services


  • ChristianMingle is a pay-to-use service
  • the mobile application of the website is quite plain

How Does It Work?

For those who want to join the ChristianMingle dating site, the first step is to pass through a registration. If you are younger than 18 years old, then sorry, it is forbidden to use the site for you. But if you are an adult, then you can enjoy using the site, just register on the site before. It will take a couple of minutes and a slight effort from you. The blank registration consists of a few questions about you and your preferences. It is also possible to register via Facebook.

After signing up, it is time to look for your love. There are many ladies and gentlemen to choose from, and it is up to you how to search. There are different ways of doing it: rely on the site’s recommendations or type your interests in the section of extended searching. Both of them are effective and have their own advantages.

After buying a subscription, you can also start messaging with other users. Though there is nothing special about the process of chatting itself, there is one feature that may give you the hope of saving money. On the site, there is an ability called Message+, which allows its users to communicate even with free users. Therefore, despite the fact that ChristianMingle is not about Christian dating for free reviews, sometimes you even don’t need to pay for its usage, if you are lucky enough.

Short Review

You can also go to if you want a quality dating with Christian singles. Mostly, people on this site have serious intentions of creating families and finding their life partners. Therefore, why don’t you try the website and answer for yourself what is a good Christian dating site?

Besides the fact that it is possible to find a Christian lifetime partner on, it also worthy to say that the site has got another significant peculiarity – it is for people over 50 years. It is the main common feature of all the site members as opposed to being Christian, which you specify in searching filters in section ”religion.”

The profiles on the site are quite detailed, and you may know much about a person even by the short visit of his page. But unfortunately, in spite of the fact that the site has worked since 2011 and it is legitimate, there you can face a few fake profiles.

The prices of the site’s usage are different. You can buy a Standard or Value Subscription, but you should consider that the second one is much more expensive. Also, you can purchase credits on the site –  it is a special currency which you will exchange for the services. And to tell you the truth, it is quite hard to avoid buying anything because there are not many features accessible for free.


  • many users from every part of the world
  • good functionality and a high level of safety
  • ability to choose different tariffs


  • there are not so many free services
  • the mobile app doesn’t provide something new

How Does It Work? can’t surprise you with any new features which you can see nowhere else. But it is not the primary goal of this site. You know, that this service if for people over 50, and that is why it is so essential to make the interface of OurTime maximally fast and straightforward.

Everything starts with a simple registration process, which can take no longer than 10 minutes. You can fill in the information about yourself and upload up to 30 photos, which can help others to get interested in you.

After signing up, it is quite logical to go to the searching section. You already know a bit of information about how it works and its filters. But also there is an ability to send likes to others by the “Flirt” button. If you bought a subscription, then you can even start messaging. There is an ability to do it in chat rooms or personal messages.

To simplify your life, you can download the app and communicate there. It has all the same features as the primary online webpage of the site, but it is more convenient to acquainting there if you are not at home.

And last but not least, also has a couple of special features that can be useful in the dating process. You can use the PromoteMe feature to raise the visibility of your profile or, for example, send virtual gifts to likable persons. Moreover, you can make virtual phone calls to partners, thanks to the ConnectMe option.


Short Review

eHarmony is a dating service with tremendous experience in dating, and it has been afloat since 2000. There is no specific success formula that could distinguish the site from others, but all the features are up to date, and the design is beautiful. Moreover, you can see it different Christian dating site reviews because the chances to meet there a person of the same religion with serious intentions is quite high. Many Christians have already found their love there, and now it is your turn.

If to speak about profiles of users, they are quite detailed, and the good news is that you can see them for free. It means that you can choose preferable persons with whom you would like to communicate before paying money. Furthermore, there is a special compatibility tab where your personal characteristics (there are about 15 of them) are compared with the qualities of prospective partners. Therefore, you can easily make conclusions about persons even before starting to communicate with them.

As a free user, you have access to many functions of eHarmony, including even sending site-generated questions to partners. However, if you really want to have a successful dating on platform, then it is much better to acquire a paid subscription. On a note, it has different costs depending on the time of subscribing:

  • 6 months for 209.82 USD
  • 12 months for 275.64 USD
  • 24 months for 431.28 USD

And it should be said that costs could be much more reasonable, but it is not the one tariff plan the site has. There are three of them: lite, plus and extra. Another good thing is that different methods of payment are available to users.


  • the interface is handy
  • eHarmony has long experience in the dating sphere
  • good matching system
  • the site had a free to download the mobile application


  • there is the long duration of the subscription
  • the price is quite high

How Does It Work?

Another meaningful aspect that must have detailed revision in all Christian dating site reviews is the work of the site. And if to speak concretely about eHarmony, its principles are almost the same as other dating sites have.

Registration is not so difficult, but you should understand that the quality of your filling in the data affects your profile and its informativity. Many matching mechanisms are based on information in your profile as well. But if you prefer searching by filters to matching than it is necessary not to forget to specify the religion in the list of criteria if finding a Christian partner is essential for you.

There also are some additional abilities that eHarmony provides to its users. For example, a mobile application. It is quite plain, but all functions from the web available therein. Also, you can send smiles, add people to the list of your favorites, and some other pay-to-use opportunities.

This site was last but not least in the top dating sites where you are able to find Christian life partner.

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