Transgender Online Dating Sites

Most of us grow up with a simple understanding of sex and gender. Basically, there are only two genders, man and woman, and only two sexes, male and female. But if you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, then you need to know that it’s much more complicated. Gender is a whole spectrum, not just a scenario. For trans or gender non-conforming people, the gender they received at birth may not be consistent with the gender they currently have.

Because much of our society is biased and has a socially constructed notion of gender, it is very difficult for transgender people to stop hiding and show their colors. Dating is much more difficult for them than for men and women. There are also many misunderstandings between sexual orientation and gender. You need to know that they are not related. Finding a partner can be more difficult than it seems. This is why so many transgender people are turning to transgender dating sites. People feel free to express themselves and their desires on the site because they offer anonymity and security. Not all sites include the transgender option, but many, below you can find out which ones.

Free Transgender Dating Sites

We’ve looked at a lot of transgender dating sites to make a list of the best of you. All of them have been checked by experts because you can feel safe there. These transgender online dating sites were tested against the following criteria:

  • safety
  • profile quality
  • search
  • customer support
  • communication feature

Transgender Online Dating Sites


Bravodate is a modern international transgender dating site that was created several years ago. A transgender dating site has already brought together men and women from around the world. There are many examples when trans people who are over the age of age do not want to start dating because they think they are too old. But this is not true, so there are so many people in the world who dream of finding such a partner.

It’s difficult for trans people to connect with other people, but it’s still possible and this transgender dating site is proof of that. The mission of this platform is to help people regardless of gender and other obstacles. There is a special feature for women on this platform, in order to give them confidence and popularity, a photographer and a professional makeup artist work on the transgender platform. This platform knows how to make everyone the best to make them feel beautiful. What are the features on the platform that make it so special?


There are so many features in the transgender online dating platform that set this site apart from competitors. Being one of the best transgender dating sites, this platform has features of communication and search. The special features of this transgender online platform include the gift delivery feature because you will not be able to find this feature anywhere else. You can choose your phone, flowers, decorations, teddy bear and more and the platform will deliver it to your bride. To be sure of delivery, you will receive a photo report from a partner.

You can start instant messaging with any user of this platform. This transgender site feature lets you interact with matches that are online with short phrases. You can also communicate through letters, but this is usually large text, such as a declaration of love or something else. To find out more about your romantic partner, you can call him through a video call. Transgender online dating is special dating and this platform offers the perfect niche for this.


Valentime is one of the highly-rated transexual dating websites where you can find a partner for long-term relationships and marriage. The platform provides all users with a free trial option as well as an advanced paid package. This is a safe and secure way to share your information with others and gain the best transgender dating experience. This transgender dating platform has a very large database of Slavic matches for users of all ages and preferences.

The site gives its users access not only to a lot of potential matches but also to the cool features of communication. Working for over 10 years, he has helped hundreds of transgenders find each other and start building families together. Developers always improve the features of each site to allow its users to feel comfortable while having a conversation with partners. There are so many communication features here such as messengers and chats, plus there are stickers, winks, presents and more.


Instant messaging is probably one of the most used features of the transgender dating site. Messengers are very popular in everyday life, and instant messaging on this platform is as popular as WhatsApp or Viber. You can use the feature to contact a romantic partner who is online. Another important feature is letters. With it, users can send messages a little slower than instant messages, but they are effective for anyone offline. Some prefer short and immediate questions and answers, while others like long, self-serving letters.

You can also add videos and photos to your profile because it can show your charisma, interests, travels, and sense of style. It’s always fun to see people in a different environment and situations to see their true emotions. Another feature that will give you joy and satisfaction during transgender dating is virtual gifts. It is very easy to do this. As soon as you feel that you are already on a different level of relationship with the bride, start sending your partner the gifts you consider appropriate. They are virtual and can be enjoyable and unexpected. Plus, for those who are embarrassed, this can be a sign of attention from a partner.

Valentime is a great place for dating someone who is transgender because it is safe and provides results. Forget about all the other ways of dating, because with Valentime.

TS Dates

TS Dates is an international dating platform perfect for transgender people. She also welcomes ordinary people, gays, lesbians, and even groups. It has more than 10,000 users worldwide and is truly stands out. Registering on this transgender platform is very easy, and all you need to do is choose the transsexual/transvestite/ transgender option. The transgender site is quite expensive and can be confusing at first. He has many features, including chat rooms, messages, blogs, a magazine, ongoing contests, webcams, and much more and also offers a tour for users who have just joined.

You can search for new users using the standard method based on gender, location, age, and interests. You can access many features of the site without being a paid member but you will also have many restrictions. One big drawback to the transgender site is to see other users’ profiles, or rather not see them. You have access to the profile preview, but you cannot access all profile information. If the user flirts with you, then you can view some of the information but not all of it. Dating a transgender woman can only be very good if you are a paid user on the transgender dating site.


Reviews of transgender dating sites show that the transgender dating site is very popular with people looking for both trans and lesbian and gay people. Here you can find a partner for any relationship, both casual dating and long-term relationships, but for the most part this transgender site is designed for marriage. Users of this platform are aware of all the benefits of the site and are therefore active users. The transgender dating site is safe for every user by verifying each user, as well as by using the SSL protocol (Secure Socket Layer). This is a well-known security technology commonly used by projects using web payments.

Also, the transgender platform offers many interesting features of communication and search, which you can find out below.


As for the features of this transgender site, some of them are free and others are paid. Paid features are endless and also help users save time. You can enjoy instant messaging with online users, but first, you need to browse them with search features. Free transgender personals dating on this platform offers users a simple and extended search. With regular search, you can browse through all the trans online and write immediately to who you liked the most.

Extended Search is a special search that is only available to premium users and allows them to choose partners of any age and from any location around the world. After a successful search, you can write to the partner and also call him with the help of a video call feature. This feature is also paid, but with it, you can learn a lot about your romantic partner on this transgender online dating site.

The next levels of relationships are a real date and also a contact exchange that allows you to communicate outside of the transgender site online.


This is a transgender online dating platform for those against all stereotypes and ready to get an interesting dating experience. You can easily join this transgender dating site by quickly registering by entering your first name, date of birth, email and password. The next step is to be verified with your document because this is how the transgender online dating platform provides security.

This transgender site is free, but you can upgrade your features by purchasing a paid version. With the special gift delivery feature, you can always send flowers to your soulmate. You can even arrange a real date with the help of the site staff. The platform has a 24/7 support service that is ready to help any user with any questions. You can register here and see all the benefits of a transgender online dating site.


Reviews of transgender dating sites show that these transgender dating sites are the most popular and safe of all. A quick registration, instant messaging, and more are available. Depending on your desires and preferences, you can choose what works best for you.

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