Zoosk Dating Site Review

To begin with, the Zoosk dating site is a wonderful place for dating. It deserves your attention even because of the fact it is different from many other dating services. There is not only one purpose that has gathered all the people on the site, everyone can have his own intentions. But you shouldn’t forget to check his intentions not to be disappointed if someone you think would be a good wife really just wants hookups. If you want to know more about this site, then read this detailed Zoosk dating site review.

Overall Rating – 3.5/5

  • Registration – 3.5/5
  • Profiles – 3.0/5
  • Making contact – 3.5/5
  • Matching system – 4.0/5
  • Mobile App – 4.0/5
  • Safety level – 4.0

Pros and Cons


  • good functional abilities
  • detailed profiles
  • high-security level
  • wide international popularity


  • many “dead” profiles
  • the site is paid

What is Zoosk.com?

Zoosk is an international dating site with enormous popularity. It is popular among users of different ages and orientations because everyone can find a perfect match on the site no matter what are his or her intentions. Moreover, the site is very popular all over the world and if you be lucky enough, you can the person you like not so far. This thing can help to avoid relationships on a distance. However, the site created not only for a long-term relationship. There are many users who want to arrange one-night meetings as well.

Zoosk.com at a Glance

Is Zoosk any good? When you visit Zoosk.com for the first time, you can make quite controversial conclusions about this question. Firstly, the design of the site is quite plain and quite boring. But further visits and using it can prove to you that there are many advantages to it. Also, some people can erroneously fall in love with mashers and as a result, become brokenhearted. But thanks to this Zoosk review it would be really hard to mislead you.

How Does Zoosk.com Work?

Zoosk principles of work are quite simple because the site prefers to be understanding for masses and easy to use. The work of Zoosk.com starts with a simple registration process after which you can become a part of the site. The next step is searching for a couple and to complete it effectively, don’t forget to check out people’s interests and plans. After all, when the person replied to your sympathy, then the next action is communication on the site.


To accomplish Zoosk free search on the site you don’t need much effort. There are different ways of finding a person you like. The first one is to browse the list of people that the site proposal to you. It is quite effective because these proposals are not random but created by the information you specified in the questionnaire. The second way is to search manually. This way even a little bit better than the previous one, because in the searching filters you can choose quite various information about the person of your dream.


The thing that is impossible to escape if you want to be a user of Zoosk is registration on the site. And all the Zoosk dating site reviews can give you the same information about it: the signing in is easy, very fast and free of charge. Therefore, you can do it in a couple of minutes, just fill in the main information and create a password that you can remember for further signup.

Profile Quality

There is much information about this point in different Zoosk reviews and its rate it not as maximally good services. The information in profiles can be edited. Though many users neglect to make their profiles detailed, it is quite an important thing. The information accessible to all the site’s users and it can significantly increase the popularity of your profile.

Safety and Security

It is also essential for users to stay safe. The site takes care of them and tries to get rid of all suspicious people on the site. This dating platform has a strong verification system, moreover, it is in a dating sphere for 12 years. Therefore this is quite important for the quality dating site with enormous experience to maintain its reputation and be safe. But it is better not to fully trust everyone. The truth about Zoosk is that you shouldn’t be too sincere and say information like your password or bank account data to everyone.

Help and Support

No less important for users is the fact that they have support. And Zoosk offers it to its users. When you face any kind of technical problems or some problems with the organization or your safety, then you would better immediately write technical support. It will help you very fast because Technical Support works 24/7. But if you want to solve the problem by yourself, then you can find different useful facts about the site in its Zoosk dating reviews.


Another issue of concern is a payment on the site. It offers a lot of abilities to its users. Though registration, profile creation, and search are free, there also are many other services. For instance, messaging is pay-to-use. Furthermore, those who want to diversity communication can send different presents to others.

To use the site you should buy both a monthly subscription and special coins, that is why the cost of the site usage may seem high. The prices are the following:

Monthly Membership

  • 1 month – 29.95 USD
  • 3 months – 59.85 USD
  • 6 months – 89.98 USD


  • 50 coins – 4.99 USD
  • 250 coins – 19.99 USD
  • 750 coins – 49.99 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zoosk.com safe?

Though Zoosk can’t guarantee you a 100% safety, it is quite safe. Therein you can achieve your goal of finding a life partner or hookups without a big risk of being a victim of scammers. Just avoid suspicious users or block them. The site also cares about your safety in different ways.

Is Zoosk.com free?

Though Zoosk.com offers some free features, it is paid site. If you want to use it, you should buy a monthly subscription and coins which you can exchange on different services. And if you are interested in the price, you can get to know it from this Zoosk.com review.

Is Zoosk.com a real dating site?

There is no doubt that Zoosk.com is not a scam but a real legit dating site. You don’t need to worry about its reality and safety. You can effectively find therein a couple and enjoy the time together not think whether the person is real or not. If you don’t trust this information, you can find the same answer in many other Zoosk reviews.

How many members does Zoosk.com have?

As Zoosk is very popular with ladies and gentlemen all over the world, it has millions of users from the USA and more than several more millions in the sum all over the world. Moreover, the number of boys and girls there is almost the same.

Can I use Zoosk.com anonymously?

Thanks to this Zoosk review of the website you already know that it is a good dating site that cares about its users. Though it keeps your privacy in safety, the site can’t allow anyone to use the site anonymously. Everyone should have the same abilities so you can’t be

NoName on the site.

How can I delete my Zoosk.com profile?

You are able to delete your profile on Zoosk. Just go to the settings and hide your profile from everyone. Or you can also delete all the information about yourself and photos from the site what makes it clear and can cause no interruption in your life.

Is Zoosk.com worth it?

Many people ask: Is Zoosk.com worth it? Is Zoosk a good dating site? And the answer is the same: yes, it is. First of all, it is a legit dating site with a huge experience owned by a respected company. Secondly, it combines women with different intentions and you can choose whatever you want.

How to use Zoosk.com?

You can register on the site and start your search. And if you find someone you like, it is time for expenses. If you want to communicate with others, you should pay. And is Zoosk worth paying for? There is no doubt, it worth. You have huge chances to find there a partner for one hight or even a real love.

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